Puppy nutrition

Get your pup off to the best possible start with the right food for growth and wellbeing.

Our animals rely on us for their health and wellbeing. Getting nutrition right for a new puppy is essential for growth and ensuring they get the best start possible for a long and healthy life.  

Puppies grow rapidly, hence why they need an adequate and sufficient diet to support their bodies during this phase. 

It’s important to remember that the food puppies can eat is not the same as what you would give to adult dogs (or humans). 

As they grow, play and learn, puppies need the correct nutritional support for their internal development. Their food needs to be more energy dense than adult dogs’ food and they also need the right balance of calcium and phosphorus to support their bone development. 

Your pup's food should also contain digestible carbohydrates, fat and proteins. 

How much do they need to eat? 

Puppies cannot regulate their own food intake, so it’s up to you to control their portions. 

Eating too much and growing too fast puts puppies at risk of obesity and many other unwanted joint and bone issues. 

Training treats

Nutrition for puppies is also essential when training. Using high value kibble as treats is an excellent way to promote learning new tricks. 

How long do they need puppy food for?

Puppies should stay on puppy food for the correct amount of time based on their expected adult size. Below are the recommendations according to breed size:

  • 'Mini' breeds: 10 months

  • 'Medium' breeds: 12 months

  • 'Maxi' breeds: 15 months.

Checking your pup's condition

Below is a handy chart showing you how to Body Condition Score your pup:


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