Veterinary Clinic Morrinsville Limited Confidentiality Statement

Veterinary Clinic Morrinsville Limited is committed to protecting your information by collecting information in a way that is confidential and does not affect your privacy.  

Why Veterinary Clinic Morrinsville Collects Your Data

We collect information from you, including your:

  • name

  • contact information

  • animal health interactions

  • billing or purchase information

We collect information from you in order to provide veterinary and associated services and products to you.

Information we collect from you will only be used for the purposes of conducting our business, supplying you with our products and services and keeping you informed about aspects of the Veterinary Clinic Morrinsville business group (including subsidiaries of Veterinary Clinic Morrinsville or subsidiaries of WVeterinary Clinic Morrinsville shareholders) business that may be of interest to you. Veterinary Clinic Morrinsville research department "VetQuest" also uses information supplied by you to undertake animal health economic analysis and anonymised research.


We will treat all information we hold about you in confidence.  We will not use it or share it unless:

  • You agree or ask us to; or

  • We need to so we can perform services for you; or

  • The law requires us to; or

  • There are valid grounds for disclosure, including but not limited to emergency situations; or

  • Is permitted by the Privacy Act 1993

Your Consent to Restricted Disclosure

You agree to Veterinary Clinic Morrinsville disclosing:

  • non-personal information for the purposes of statistical analysis of animal health trends, and

  • your information to other businesses or persons that comprise part of the Veterinary Clinic Morrinsville business group, including subsidiaries of Veterinary Clinic Morrinsville or subsidiaries of Veterinary Clinic Morrinsville shareholders, provided that Veterinary Clinic Morrinsville shall ensure that Veterinary Clinic Morrinsville business group shall abide by the terms of Veterinary Clinic Morrinsville confidentiality policy.

Keeping your Information Safe

We will take all reasonable steps to keep your information safe from loss, unauthorised activity, or other misuse. We will keep your information safe by storing any data that we do hold on enterprise-class systems that are protected by industry-standard security mechanisms.  We only allow access to stored information by appropriate, authorised personnel.

Keeping your Personal Information Current

We are also committed to ensuring your personal information is accurate.  You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information we hold about you, and to ask for it to be corrected if you think it is wrong. Access to your personal records for verification is available without charge. We encourage you to let us know as early as possible if your contact information or other key personal information changes.

Comments or Questions

If you’d like to ask for a copy of your information or to have it corrected, please contact us at 62 Moorhouse Street, Morrinsville 3300.

We may at our discretion update or revise this Confidentiality Statement at any time. Any changes will take effect immediately once they are posted on our website(s). Your continued use of our services after any changes have been posted on our websites indicates your acceptance to those changes.

Call Recording Privacy Statement

The purpose for recording calls

We may record calls for the following purposes:

  • staff training

  • improving customer service quality

  • ensuring information that we provide is consistent and accurate

  • reporting on the type and number of enquiries we receive

  • making sure we have an accurate record of your call, which may be needed to support any transactions that take place over the phone or if there is a dispute

The calls which are recorded

We may record inbound and outbound calls to and from our clinics.

When recording starts

Recording automatically starts when your call is answered, and you are placed in the queue.

‌This includes when you are placed on hold, which means the recording may pick up background noise and conversations you have with other people while you are waiting for your call to be answered by us.

The phone number you have called from is also stored so we can retrieve the call recording in the future. We do not use your phone number for any other purpose.

When recording stops

Recording automatically stops when the call is:

  • terminated

  • transferred outside of our internal phone system (i.e to a mobile phone)

If you do not want to be recorded

You can contact us by email instead. Email address can be found in the contacts section of our website.

Requesting a copy of your call

You have the right to access and correct any personal information we hold about you, including your call. If you wish to do so please contact your local clinic in the first instance.


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