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Latest news

Cow-tastic curves: The benefits of body condition scoring

Body condition scoring (BCS) is one of the most useful tools to help dairy farmers make management decisions throughout the season. Although it is a subjective measurement, it is still a goodRead more

Facial eczema essentials for the summer

Summer season is upon us and it won’t be long before peak humidity and warm temperatures hit us at the start of the year. While it may be beach weather for us, it is also facial eczema (FE) weatherRead more

Teat scoring

Maintaining a Bulk Milk Somatic Cell Count (BMSCC) under 150,000 cells/ml is a sign of a healthy productive herd. To keep BMSCC down, there needs to be low levels of mastitis in the herd.  MastitisRead more

Raising our youngstock

The month of festivities and bargains is here! As everyone starts planning ahead for various holidays or trips with their families, some of our youngstock are just about to head out for theirRead more

Scanning into the future

As the seasons start to change, many of us are glad to be able to put calving behind us and to start planning ahead for the season to come.  We are now deep into mating, with heat detection,Read more

Bovine Digital Dermatitis

Bovine Digital Dermatitis (BDD) - also known as hairy heel warts, digital warts or strawberry foot rot - is a contagious disease causing painful inflammation of the skin above the heel bulbs, leadingRead more

Bolster your biosecurity

With the heightened awareness of Foot and Mouth Disease earlier in the year, as well as the country still being in Mycoplasma bovis eradication mode, evaluating your farm’s biosecurity plan is aRead more

Meet the team & their pets

Here at Veterinary Clinic Morrinsville, taking care of your pets is our top priority. This love of animals extends beyond the clinic and many of us have several furry friends to care for at home,Read more

Nutrition in rabbits

You may or may not know, but rabbits have a very specific diet that is crucial to their health and survival, and no, it does not consist of lettuce and carrots!  Rabbits are herbivores and have evolRead more

At-home dental care

Maintaining good dental care at home, in between visits to the vets, is really important for keeping your pet's teeth clean. It should be part of your daily routine. Here are some at-home dental careRead more

Getting to the guts of your pet's gastro issues

Gastroenteritis is when your pet's stomach/intestines become inflamed and it is common in cats and dogs. Anything that alters their microbiome significantly can lead to the condition, including: ChanRead more

Chicken care 101

Recent regulatory changes banning battery cages for layer hens in NZ mean supermarkets are now only accepting cage-free eggs. This is a great win for our feathered friends, who now have the room theyRead more

We are a member of XLVets, who represent the most progressive and innovative practices in New Zealand. Our aim is to progress rural veterinary services.

Welfarm is a country wide initiative developed by XLVets in conjunction with Fonterra to measure annual welfare and productivity.


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