Keeping our pets warm in winter

Let's make sure our furry friends are snug as a bug over the cooler months.

As it's starting to cool down, we want to look at our pets to ensure they have everything they need to be warm and comfortable over winter. Just as we are grabbing warm jackets and beanies before braving the outdoors, our pets may need some special care too.

Winter check-up

Consider a winter health check for your pet, especially if they have arthritis or other existing medical conditions that may make winter more of a challenge.

Arthritis can be painful and can affect your pet's everyday movement and enjoyment of life. If you have noticed that your dog or cat is not as active, there are medications a vet can prescribe to relieve their stiffness or pain. Book a consultation with your vet to discuss your options and/or for a health check. 

Winter grooming

It is easy to become less vigilant with grooming our pets over the cooler months, but it is still very important. With your pet being exposed to wintry outdoor environments of mud, wet grass, leaves etc, they can be prone to knots and matting and getting grass seeds stuck in their skin or hair.

It's important to continue your grooming routine of regular brushing and washing in warm water every 1-2 weeks using a soap-free, pet-appropriate shampoo. Quickly dry them off afterwards with a warm towel.

You may need to pay closer attention to long haired breeds, particularly on their undercarriage area, where seeds and matting are more likely.

Don't forget to keep those claws trimmed too, especially dew claw nails as they can easily get hooked and cause damage. Broken nails can be quite painful and distressing to a pet.

Consider a winter coat

Pets feel the cold too, even if they have a long coat.

Keep their environment warm

Ensure that any pets sleeping outdoors have adequate shelter and bedding to keep them warm and dry. 

If pets are sleeping inside, a padded bed may be a great idea to keep them a little warmer. You could also offer your pet a heat pad to keep them extra snuggly.

Keep an eye out for your pet seeking more warmth - this will give you an idea if they feel comfortable or not. 


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