Calving First Aid Kit

Everyone has a first aid kit ready to go in their cupboard, and the same should be said for having an easily accessible “calving kit” ready before calving. It can be on the quad, at the calf pens or at the shed, whatever is easiest. We are more than happy to put together a box of supplies for you if time is short. 


  • Disinfectant 

  • Lube  

  • Calving pulleys or jack 

  • Calving chains 

  • Halter  

  • Metabolic bags 

  • Oxytocin 

  • Metacam or KetoMAX 

  • Intracillin and engemycin  

  • Red paint 


  • Naval spray 

  • Thermometer  

  • Electrolytes  

  • Taggers and tags 

  • Elastrators and rubber rings  


  • Yellow book with pencil/pen 

  • Warm clothing: ask for a VCM beanie next time you’re in clinic 

  • Headlamp 

  • Long and nitrile gloves  

  • Phone: with the vet’s number in it 

  • High energy snacks and a thermos. 


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