Bloat Oil vs Rumenox®

We have seen a few cases of bloat this autumn. Many dairy farmers still use traditional bloat oils as standard practice to keep on top of it. If used correctly, they can be relatively effective at reducing bloat, but they do have their limitations.  

Bloat oils are short-lived in the rumen and are reliant on cows drinking regularly to keep the rumen topped up 24 hours a day. The problem with this is that on wet days (and we’ve had many of them recently), cows drink very little.  

Rumenox®, on the other hand, actively manages the production of rumen gases, enabling herds to be protected for longer. With this longer duration of activity, Rumenox® will always outperform bloat oils when it comes to controlling bloat. 

Bloat oils have no added benefits. Rumenox® not only effectively prevents bloat, but at the same time helps a cow’s rumen function better. This results in more energy available to the cows. Cows are then more likely to stay in optimal condition, which not only supports in-calf rates and milk protein production, but also protects against ketosis.  

We often see poor production as a result of subclinical ketosis in early lactation.  

The good news is that the price gap between bloat oils and Rumenox® has closed considerably, making Rumenox® a more cost effective option. 

Talk to your KeyVet if you are interested in using Rumenox®. 


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