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Maximising heifer health with teat sealing.

With the winter period fast approaching for our spring herds, drying off the cows becomes a big part of every farmer’s calendar. Dry-off involves placing either antibiotics, teat sealant, or both, into each of the cow’s teats in a sterile manner.  

Teat sealing heifers, often considered a preventive measure, involves the application of a protective barrier to the teats of our first-time calvers. Teatseal is typically a flexible sealant which forms a physical barrier against pathogens, preventing infections such as mastitis during the crucial pre-calving period. 

Credit: Zoetis NZ

Credit: Zoetis NZ

Here are some key benefits of teat sealing heifers:  

  1. Reduced risk of mastitis: Mastitis not only affects milk production, but also poses a significant health risk to the heifer. Teat sealing acts as a shield, guarding against the entry of bacteria and reducing the likelihood of mastitis development. 

  2. Enhanced udder health: By creating a protective barrier, teat sealing helps maintain the integrity of the udder tissue. This promotes healthier udders, ensuring the heifers are in optimal condition for lactation once they calve.  

  3. Improved milk quality: Mastitis not only impacts milk quantity, but also compromises its quality. Teat sealing contributes to better milk quality by preventing bacterial contamination, resulting in higher yields of premium-grade milk.  

  4. Early investment, long-term gains: Incorporating teat sealing into your heifer management practices represents an investment in their future health and productivity. By preventing mastitis early on, you’re laying the foundation for a productive and profitable herd.  

  5. Ease of application: Teat sealing is a straightforward procedure that can be easily integrated into existing herd management routines. With minimal time and effort required, it offers a high return on investment in terms of heifer health and performance.  

  6. Environmental friendliness: Teat sealing reduces the need for antibiotic treatments, aligning with sustainable farming practices and promoting animal welfare.  

As we gear up for the calving season, it’s essential to prioritise proactive measures like teat sealing to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our heifers. By investing in preventive care today, we’re ensuring a brighter, healthier future for our herd and our farm.  


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