Heifer teat sealing

It’s that time of year when the heifers come in kicking and screaming on their first visits to the shed. Teat sealing may seem like a hassle, but it dramatically reduces clinical mastitis in heifers and milk leakage pre-calving. 

Heifers have a higher risk of mastitis in early lactation compared with older cows. This can lead to light quarters, or three-titters, teat canal thickening and increased risk of early culling from mastitis. Mastitis infections in first- and second-calvers limit udder formation and, ultimately, lifetime production.  

Some farms have 25% of their heifers developing mastitis, leading to costs associated with treatment and lost production, as well as a lot of frustration! The average cost of treating mastitis in a heifer is at least $200 per case. 

Environmental bacteria such as Strep uberis is the most common cause within the first 7 days, when udders are swollen and teat canals are open and dripping milk.  

Teatseal administered to heifers 4 weeks pre-calving results in 68% reduction in clinical mastitis in the first 2 weeks of lactation, with an 84% reduction in Strep uberis infections

We have a team of trained vets and technicians available to teat seal your heifers. We carry out the job with very high hygiene standards in a calm, confident manner. 

Talk to your KeyVet to assess if heifer teat sealing would be beneficial for your stock.  

Sources: Journal of Dairy Science 


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