The value of pet insurance

Have peace of mind that you can give your pet the support they need, without worrying about the bill.

When your pet gets sick, there is no public health system or ACC to cover the cost of their treatment - this is where pet insurance comes in. 

Insurance provides peace of mind that you can get the best treatment for your pet when they are sick or injured, without having to cut corners. It means you can focus on giving your pet the support and love they need, instead of worrying about the bill. 

It also helps you to get your pet seen as soon as possible, instead of waiting until an injury or illness gets worse, because of concerns over the treatment cost. Often, waiting can mean a significantly higher bill in the future, not to mention the impact on your pet’s welfare.

Which policy should I get?

Pet insurance policies range from basic, accident-only care, to both accident and medical, to comprehensive (including routine visits).

Many companies also offer the first 6 weeks of a kitten or puppy’s policy for free. 

Payment options range from no payment, co-payment (you pay a percentage of every bill) and excess. Sometimes, there are exclusions based on breed, pre-disposition, pre-existing conditions and age.

It pays to shop around and get some quotes to see which insurance policy will best suit you and your pet.


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