Upskilling the region

In late 2023, Vet Clinic Morrinsville hosted a series of practical workshops in animal medicine, primarily focusing on improving lameness and ultrasound techniques. The goal was to educate veterinarians, vet techs and farmers of the Waikato region to further boost community knowledge in animal health and the farming industry.

Ultrasound course 

Ultrasound is an important diagnostic tool for determining pregnancies in cattle. Technical and CPD Manager for Agrihealth, Steve Cranfield, who is known for his expertise in mastitis and pregnancy ultrasound diagnostics education in New Zealand, led this workshop.  

The course aimed to increase accuracy in diagnostic imaging and improve herd welfare. Veterinarians and vet technicians on the course came from across the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Taranaki regions and there were positive reviews from farmers and participants alike.  

“Today I was really encouraged to see young vets really stretching themselves and giving it a go”, said the farmer hosting the event. “The skill level I saw was awesome.”

Lameness course 

Vet Clinic Morrinsville also hosted a lameness course to further improve animal health knowledge into the causes and prevention of lame animals.  

Neil Chesterton, veterinarian and lame cow consultant for Vet Education Transfer Services Ltd,  has led the HealthyHoof class for several years and is regarded as the head of lame cow health in New Zealand. The workshop ran for three days and included in-depth discussions on 

  • lameness theory,  

  • observing cow flow and herd management,  

  • track and shed design, 

  • prevention of lameness, and  

  • the treatment of individual cases.  

If you have any concerns about your animals’ hooves, or want to know more about how to manage lameness on your farm, please give the clinic a call - we’d be happy to help.


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