2024 scanning results

We are reaching the end of the scanning season and have collated everyone’s results, which show a 3% drop in empty rates from last year. The median has gone from 16% last season to 13% this season.  

A quarter of you have met the 10% industry target for empty rate, so well done. A small number have also met the 78% industry target for 6-week in-calf rate. To enable us to provide better data analysis for you in the future, please consider giving us access to your MINDA.  

The graph below shows the 6-week in-calf rate vs mating length in blue and the empty rate vs mating length in red. The y axis is the percentage and the x axis is the mating length. 

If you are disappointed with your repro results this year, have a chat to your KeyVet and organise a repro consult to find areas where improvements could be made. 


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