Paws off! Santa’s do not eat list

Festive foods can be toxic to our cats and dogs. Check out what they need to avoid over the holidays.

While it's fun to spend extra time with our pets and treat them at Christmas, we need to be careful with what we give them as many foods are toxic to cats and dogs.

Check out this list of common Christmas goodies that can be harmful to pets:

  • Chocolate, especially darker chocolate, is toxic to cats and dogs, so keep it out of reach of your pets;

  • Mince pies, Christmas pudding and fruit cake have lots of raisins and sultanas, which are also toxic to cats and dogs;

  • Milk or cream. While they might enjoy it at the time, cats are lactose intolerant and it is also on the list of bad foods to feed a dog. They don't digest it well and it could lead to an upset stomach. Best to stick to water for their christmas drink!

  • Onions and garlic are toxic to pets and these will be found in stocks, sauces, powders and definitely in stuffing, so make sure your pets avoid these. While a large amount of garlic needs to be ingested to cause toxicity, onions can be harmful in small amounts;

  • Other foods and drinks to avoid would be alcohol, nuts, bones and fatty foods.

If you want to spoil your pet, come into the clinic and check out our range of safe treats and toys.


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